Patient survey results

See the latest Patient Survey (aka Friends & Family Test) results for Giffard Drive Surgery. Our GP Surgery in Farnborough is accepting new patients.

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How the Friends & Family test works

  • When you complete your treatment or are discharged from a service, you will often be invited to give feedback and complete the FFT.
  • You will be asked to answer the question: "How likely are you to recommend us to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"
  • You can rank your answer from "extremely likely" to "extremely unlikely". You will also have the opportunity to explain your ranking by adding comments, and you may be asked some follow-up questions.
  • If you are unable to answer the question, a friend or family member is welcome to respond on your behalf.
  • If you feel that you should have been given the opportunity to respond, but did not receive the question, please speak to a member of staff first.